NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 27, 2010  – Primary Wave Music Publishing is set to release its first album with Stillwater, Oklahoma based quartet Taddy Porter on June 29, 2010, the album will be available digitally June 22, 2010.  In its first week at radio, the first single “Shake Me” debuted as the #3 Most Added at Active Rock radio only bested by Stone Temple Pilots and Deftones and is now in the top 40 on the rock charts.

In approaching the release date, drummer Doug Jones said, “Two and a half years of hard work are finally culminating into the biggest day of our lives. It’s at the point where we want to relax, but we know we can’t stop now and we are ready to work hard to get this album out to as many ears as we can. We are very thankful to have the team we do and can’t describe the excitement that comes with this album.”

“Shake Me” has also impacted Citifield in New York where the song has become an instant favorite with fans since Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey began playing the song during his warm ups and when he is at bat. “I was looking for a warm-up song and I decided to go with ‘Shake Me’ by a killer new band named Taddy Porter.  It sounds huge in Citifield and it has been working out great,” says Pelfrey, who is now 4 and 0 as a starter.

Taddy Porter was formed in October 2007 in Stillwater, OK.  The band members grew up in different towns, but came together to create timeless, undeniable rock songs that where seeded, take root almost immediately.  As the band began pushing borders beyond Oklahoma City, audiences grew like wildfire in markets including Dallas, Austin, Montgomery, AL, Wichita and others.  The quartet features Andy Brewer (lead vocals / guitar), Joe Selby (lead guitar / backing vocals), Doug Jones (drums) and Kevin Jones (bass).

See Taddy Porter on the road now playing select dates across the country.

Julie Lichtenstein
SKH Music

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