David Barnes ‘What’s Weird?’ Book Contest

David Barnes ‘What’s Weird?’ Book Contest


David Barnes (aka The Bee With Wheels) is an American-born artist, comedian, and performer whose work is featured on everything from record jackets to t-shirts to snowboards, and been brought to life on concert stages across the United States and Europe. Over the past decade, Barnes has developed a cult following drawing portraits of fans in his unique style and achieved widespread recognition for his work as art director for of Montreal (his brother Kevin’s band). Barnes’ visual interpretations of the group’s music has been manifested in the form of iconic album covers and theatrical live performances that feature skits along with elaborate stage sets and props. What’s Weird? is the first collection of his work to appear in book format. Although Barnes currently lives in Athens, GA, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where his imagination is residing at any given time.

About The Book:
After 20 years and countless paintings, the idea manifested itself for David Barnes to curate his first book. In his true D.I.Y. style, Barnes personally poured over hundreds of drawings and paintings spanning his career. He picked and placed each piece to create What’s Weird?—a book showcasing over 100 paintings, hundreds of sketches and doodles, and funny, interesting, insightful comments about the pieces written by Barnes—all providing a glimpse into his mind and unique creative process.

11.75” x 11.75” 128-page full-color art book beautifully custom printed in the United States. Limited edition first printing.

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Here is your chance to win a Limited Edition book ‘What’s Weird?’ by David Barnes (brother of lead singer from the band ‘Of Montreal’)
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Rules / Details:
Contest Ends February 26th, 2012.
Only 1 entry per person. If more than one, the entry will not be counted.
If Quiz Question is answered wrong or left blank your entry will not count.
The Winner will be chosen at random.
The Winner will be contacted via email.
**Email’s are confidencial and will only be used for the contest.

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