Hollywood Undead

Written By Nathan Holt
Photo By Nathan Holt

Hollywood Undead @ Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit Michigan 1/16/13

On tour supporting their most recent album Notes From The Underground, Hollywood Undead performed a sold-out show at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit. As fans filed into the venue from the freezing cold and having no opening bands, expectations for the night seemed high. The show definitely met and even exceeded those expectations.

With the lights dimming, a recording of “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas began to play as bird silhouettes were projected around the club. The crowd came alive though as their first song “Undead” began and the members came on stage. The stage seemed smaller than usual with seven people and their gear being on it all at once, but that didn’t slow them down one bit. With flashy lights, random conversation with the crowd during a couple points and a set packed full of songs, the crowd seemed enthralled by the show even when they weren’t playing a song.

The eighteen song set included songs like “Tendencies,” “Been To Hell,” “Dead Bite,” “California,” “City,” “Comin’ In Hot,” “My Town,” “Sell Your Soul,” “Paradise Lost,” “Mother Murder” and “Young.” The band included Detroit in the show by replacing it in the lyrics of “Bottle and a Gun” and also when Funny Man began to sing on the front of the barricade during “Another Way Out,” before jumping in and crowd surfing.

The show seemed over with the band leaving the stage after “Hear Me Now,” but they came back to do an encore of “Everywhere I Go” and one of their new songs “We Are.” Hollywood Undead always seems to bring more energy to their songs live and tonight was no exception, with the fans and the band having a great time throughout the show.

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