bars of goldWritten by Nathan Ryall and Mel Says
Photo by Nathan Ryall and Mel Says

The moments before Bars of Gold lead singer Marc Paffi belted out his first bit of vocals would be the last his legs would move at a reasonable rate. These moments would also be the last few that the Friday night sea of followers gathered in the familiar dark of Hamtramck’s own Small’s Bar would be still. Detroit natives Bars of Gold not only have the ability to draw a crowd, but more importantly ,know how to get heads bobbing and feet tapping. The best example of this claim was standing to our left, wearing a blue sweater and a drivers cap covering his silver hair. Someone brought their grandpa to the show and this dude set the pace for the rest of the room while putting smiles on the faces of everyone around him.

Obviously, tonight’s show was a bit different than we had expected. There were no wind-milling youngsters full of daddy hate; no drunken buffoons causing havoc in a circle pit. It was just the dynamic sound created by layers of guitars, keys and Whitmanesque barbaric yawp-style vocals, synchronized by five guys who know the definition of “hard work” all too well.

Mix two parts Bear vs Shark with three parts Wildcatting, both highly-respected yet dormant local bands, and you get the monster collaboration that is Bars of Gold. But this fraternity did not come together effortlessly.

“A show like tonight’s is a prime example of how exciting it is to be here right now,” said drummer Ben Moss.

He continues, “I moved to DC for a couple of years while Bars of Gold was a band, which is why we were slow for a while.”

But this separation could not stop what was meant to be. While living in the DC area, Moss would frequently fly back and forth, keeping the dream of Bars of Gold alive. Now, living back in Michigan, the band is once again complete and free to continue embedding their sounds in the minds of those that hear it. Perseverance and determination got them this far and the energy of their live show illustrates just how much they love to be on a stage, no matter the size.

As for the future, Bars of Gold is planning on releasing a new record early in 2013 and while we were not able to get a hard release date, the guys would tell us that they have been working on this album for the better part of a year. I’m sure we can speak for all fans of Bars of Gold and say that we are probably more excited to hear what’s next, than they are to show us.

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