Written By Nathan Holt
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Touring in support of a new upcoming album can be an interesting thing. It gives the fans a fresh feel for the setlist with new and sometimes unknown songs included. The show at Piere’s Nightclub in Fort Wayne, Indiana was no exception. With help from the bands Kyng and Fair to Midland whom opened the night, 10 Years was up next for the eagerly awaiting crowd.

The set began with a new song called “Chasing the Rapture,” with “Fix Me” and “Dancing With The Dead” following it. Setlist wise, the majority of the songs came from their previous album Feeding the Wolves that included “Fade Into (The Ocean),” “Fix Me,” “Now is the Time (Ravenous)” and “Shoot It Out.” Their newest album Minus The Machine, which comes out August 7th, had the next highest number of songs off it with “Knives,” “Minus The Machine” and their recent single “Backlash.”

Lighting was quite interesting, but also unique. With the traditional house lights being used, the band also brought along two steel posts that held a couple LED lights that illuminated the band with washes of blue, green, red, orange and yellow. The combination of the two lighting sources made some cool and surreal lighting effects. Half way through, lead singer Jesse Hasek thanked the crowd for coming out in the middle of the week and supporting the band through all these years. The members didn’t move around the stage as much as they have in the past show’s I’ve seen, but they still managed to give the performance all the energy they had.

After the songs “The Autumn Effect,” “Beautiful,” “Russian Routlette,” and “11:00 AM (Daydreamer),” Hasek and drummer/ guitarist Brian Vodinh played an acoustic version of the popular song “Wasteland,” with singing help from the crowd. The highlight of the show was when Hasek stood singing on the barricade before jumping into the crowd during the band’s final two songs “Backlash” and “Shoot It Out.” While the set seemed to fly by, the combination of new songs and the bands energetic (not to mention excellent sounding) performance gave the fans all they could have hoped for out of the show.

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