Lamb Of God – Killadelphia DVD Review

by Jeff Brinn /

On that ever eternal quest for that huge bang for your buck to waste hard earned cash on? Well no fear, Lamb of God has finally unleashed just what the doctor ordered.

Deep into their headlining stint on the Sounds of the Underground tour LOG have now added to their collection a DVD that is every thing a fan could ever hope for. Over four hours of double bass driving, riff blistering, drunken gutter vocals that only LOG can throw down. Included on this awesome release is some of the best touring footage every captured on a DVD hands down. Let’s face it, most bands are quick to try to cash in on the DVD market but usually end up giving the fan a half ass mix of shit. No big rock star crap, just pure honest to goodness down and dirty examples of road life that has lay waste to even the most hard core musicians. All the trials, tribulations and hardships of the road are captured on Killadelphia giving fans a real honest down n dirty peek into what the road life is really all about. Nothing was held back including the incredibly honest documentation of the highly emotional build up of tensions between band members Mark Morton and his fellow cohort Randy Blyte. Where most drunken escapades would easily end up on the cutting room floors Lamb of God give their fans a no-holds inside look into what makes this dysfunctional family live on. As well as your normal videos, extras, and other odds and ends Killadelphia pushes the limits of what we the consumer should expect for your money. No over bearing ego’s stroking them selves just meat and potatoes metal served up the way it should be, don’t miss this for your collection.

DVD Features

-As The Palaces Burn
-Now You’ve Got Something To Die For
-11th Hour
-Terror and Hubris
-The Faded Line
-The Subtle Arts of Murder and
-What I’ve Become
-Black Label

Approx. 30 minutes of exclusive, behind-the-scenes “on the road” footage


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