Unearth – Alive From The Apocalypse DVD Review

by Mirak Habbiyyieh / Schwegweb.com

Alive From The Apocalypse is an awesome representation of what Unearth is all about. They represent Metal full on with loud music, raging crowds and the power to command them. Unearth are big supporters of having fun on and off the stage and this DVD captures the on stage portion. Unearth sound so good, I actually wish the audio was on a CD as well. The video quality is also top notch which makes it fun to watch as well as listen too. If you haven’t seen Unearth live, then this will be a great introduction into the world of Unearth.

The Documentary is exactly what hardcore fans want to get from their favorite bands. Unearth put together a great collection of old and new live clips, ranging from the start of the band to the present. There are individual bios on each band member and interviews with many musicians from the heavy music community including members from Chimaira, Every Time I Die, Terror, HellYeah, Slipknot, Lamb of God and many more. It was incredible to see how Unearth went from rotating members to the current lineup and well as their many road trip stories. Unearth are here to put their stamp on the world and this DVD shows you how they are doing it. Bonus features included are all their music videos, a few live videos and a photo slide show.

DVD Info:

Live from Pomona, CA

Documentary & Bonus Features




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