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Schwegweb recently got a chance to sit down with lead vocalist Simi of the hard rock group Suffrajett. This interview was done just prior to their apperance at this years SXSW in Austin Texas. Hope you all enjoy and if you know whats good for you pick up their smoking new release Black Glitter on Cobra Music.

Schwegweb: If you had to explain Suffrajett for people that haven’t heard of the band how would you.

Simi: “We rock live, come see us as quick as you can. We are really kick ass live and we need people as bad as they need us.”

What’s in the near future for Suffrajett?

“Lots of work and touring. Were really psyched to be playing South By South West, were gonna kick ass.”

What do you hope to accomplish by playing the South By South West Music Showcase?

“To have a really good time and feel part of something. Part of like a family, sort of like a huge community. I wanna leave feeling like we were part of something.”

Do you feel with the state of music right now and the whole Emo thing that it is the perfect time for Suffrajett?
“Yes I really do! Emo schmemo-I like songs. That’s a whole new sect of music, I think. I don’t hate it- I love it. Every one has a lapse of reality.”

Do you feel that being a female lead singer it will play to your advantage and do you like the influence you could have on females?
“Yes and a big Fuck Yes. I love that feeling when girls come up and are like “Whats up!!”. I love supporting girls feeling part of something. That’s the best feeling you can have Is to know that something I did made this person smile.”

How was your CD release party in Chicago at Cobra Lounge?

“A huge success, all our friends came out for a beautiful night. It’s all we could have wanted and tons more. It was like a big party not just a show, every one in the house had a great fucking time.”

What’s your plans for the near future?
“First Jamaica for a vacation then some mid-west shows. Hit em hard, kill kill kill the kids east coast style.”

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