by Nathaniel Shannon /

Everytime I Die has been a band pissing off people for the last 8 years. They have change their style quite a bit since their conception, turning away some older fans and rapidly gaining the attention of the cute world of warped tour, hot topic and the new crop of “mosh metal” kids all over the world. “Shit Happens” is appropriately titled, as shit does indeed happen on the road, as is one of the best things about being in a band and how ridiculous touring can be. The DVD follows the band on tour over the last few years, mainly focusing on their latest jaunt out on the Vans Warped Tour.

“Shit Happens” captures the humor of the band, and what I have always appreciated about Every Time I Die; their fuck you, “look how much fun we are having” attitude. After years of controversy, as the band used to be well known for bailing on shows at the last minute, and being assholes to amuse themselves. “Shit Happens” is a entertaining look at the good times of being in a band, at the level of success to allow them to get away with what every kid in a band dreams to attain; free booze, free food, free clothes, chicks, and the privilege to party every day and hang out doing what you love. However, the downside of “Shit Happens” is the lack of showing the reality of how hard it can be maintaining relationships with band mates, be away from home, and just coping with being on the road for extremely long periods of time.

The bottom line, if you like ETID, then you will love this DVD. It is funny as that time Michael Jackson caught his hair on fire in that Pepsi commercial, or when Richard Pryor set his hair on fire smoking rocks, in fact, Jordan Buckley (guitar) spends quite a bit of time trying to set his own hair on fire, in one of my favorite “scenes” of the movie. They also include all their music videos up to date, and a few live videos as well, which are nice to have, but don’t compare to all the throwing up and cameos by singer Keith Buckley’s girlfriend (who is in more of the DVD than drummer Mike Novak and a few different bass players.)

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