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Schwegweb had a chance to sit down with Jason Barnes of the band Haste The Day. Here is what came from it.

Schwegweb: How is the tour going so far?
Jason Barnes: “The tour is incredible, all the bands are amazing and they take care of us really well. We are playing for a lot of new kids that haven’t seen us before.”

From the tour lineup, what band surprised you the most after seeing them live?
“Well, we already toured with Every Time I Die, so we were aware of how amazing they are. And we also knew how powerful Bleeding Through is live. But Between The Buried And Me really impresses me because of their raw talent.”

With the lead singer change in late November 2005, then going on a 3 week European tour a month later, how was that transition and do you think you guys needed more time to prepare?
“The transition was sudden but very natural feeling. Stephen fits in perfectly with our personalities and his vocals are remarkable. We actually only had one practice with him before we went over to Europe, but that was all he needed. We couldn’t be happier.”

If Stephen Keech never existed, what do you think would have happened in November 2005? Where there other candidates or backups just in case?
“If Stephen Keech never existed, this world would be a far less interesting place. And yes, we had other options, including all of our dads, haha.”

From “That They May Know You” to “When Everything Falls”, have you guys changed anything in the sense of the way you write, record or even play?
“Over the years we have drastically improved in all those areas, at least I hope, ha. I feel like we are all 10 times the musicians we were 4 years ago when we wrote most of that they may know you. We have a much better and more mature grasp on song writing and structure, and we are much more confident and solid live after years of playing almost every night.”

On the new album “When Everything Falls”, was there any bumps in the road while recording or writing? And how long were you guys in the studio for?

“Actually, for the most part it went pretty smoothly. We were tracking in the studio for four weeks, and mixing for 9 days, which went well because we were working with people who knew exactly what they were doing.”

How was it to work with GGGarth and Ben Kaplan? Was one better than the other to work with?
“Working with those two was an honor really. I mean look at their track record. They are both equally genius.”

Did they let you guys experiment a little with the songs while recording?
“We changed a couple things around, and they had great creative ideas, but for the most part we were a little pressed for time. Next time around I think we will have more breathing room.”

Is there anything behind the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Long Way Down” cover? Or is it just a cover?
“It is a song that we all loved when we were younger, so we just decided to cover it. I’m pretty surprised actually at how many kids haven’t heard it before.”

What are you guys doing after the Bleeding Through tour is done?
“After this tour we are taking some time to write new songs, but we are also doing New England Metalfest and a tour in June with It Dies Today.”

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