The Antlers – Undersea EP

Release Date: July 24th, 2012
Reviewed By Court Smoots

There’s no doubt you’re left with a sinking feeling while listening to The Antlers newest EP Undersea. It feels as though you’re floating down into the gallows, about to be swallowed whole by the sea. And you’re all right with that, all right because an airy mix of digital instruments is surrounding you while Peter Silberman’s ever-present voice guides your way into the unknown.

Undersea is the follow up EP to last summer’s still resonating Burst Apart, and is yet another in a long line of impressive EP’s released by the band over the years. I have to say, I’m quite fond of the way The Antlers go about their business. Continually tweaking their sound album to album, all the while dangling the carrot of an EP in front of their fan base to see how they react to whatever changes they’ve made.

This record in particular carries a paced cadence on par with a dream, its melodic yet beautiful delivery lulling you into a fuzzy haze. This being never more apparent then on the ending track Zelda. With it’s Godfather-esq intro and endearing lyrics “Zelda, you asked me to wake you, if I woke before you, and you were still stuck inside, I’m here to tell you, we’re not awake yet” it’s without a doubt the undeniable gem on this unbelievably well rounded record.

And though said record only contains four tracks, it feels heavy, like a fully fleshed album. There’s something to be said about a record that stays with you long after the last track has expired. This one begs to be played over and over again, preferably while lying next to the one who holds your heart.


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