Release Date: April 10th, 2012
Reviewed By: Mirak Habbiyyieh

Since 1997, Taproot has rocked little stages in Ann Arbor, MI to big stages in arenas around the world. Taproot is back with their 6th album ‘The Episodes’ on Victory Records and ready to rock some more. Leaving no rock unturned ‘The Episodes’ is definitely their most rock like album to date. Are they attempting to get away from the nu-metal wave, they road in on? Perhaps, but a band that can’t change is a band that fades away.

‘The Episodes’ is a great rock album. The first single ‘No Surrender’ gives you the ability to just float into the music. With the vocal effects and keyboard/trance effects in the background you totally fade into the zone. In no time you’re tapping your foot along because it engulfs you. This vibe continues throughout the entire album.

You still have hints of old school Taproot in riffs and vocals throughout the album. But the catchy rock songs are in full force on this album. There is plenty of pounding drums and beefy bass to back it all up too. Taproot isn’t afraid to try different things and this is what sticks out to me. The atmosphere they build with each song is perfect for those chill days.

For the more rock side of Taproot, pick up ‘The Episodes’ you won’t be disappointed.

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