Release Date: October 2nd, 2012
Reviewed By Amy Harris

The Connection is the seventh album from the California band Papa Roach. The new release is a raw in your face album with a darker side that really holds to the signature sound of Papa Roach. The Connection wasn’t meant to be written as a dark album says front man Jacoby Shaddix but with dealings in life such as suicide battles and substance abuse the album took a turn into the darker and heavier side. In Fall 2011, I sat down with Jacoby to discuss the beginnings of the new album at their high energy show in Columbus and had no idea of the inner struggles that would take place that would shape the album. With everything that happened during the making of The Connection it produced an incredible album with a raw punch, big choruses, and raging guitars. It proves that sometimes light can come from some of your darkest places as Shaddix wrote through some of the most painful moments of his life.

The Connection comes as a two disc DVD package that takes you into the making of music videos and how the incredible album cover was created. As soon as you listen to the first track Engage, the ambiance builds you up and throws you into the album head first with the modern hard rock sound that is the classic Papa Roach. The song that really strikes you when you listen to the album is the hard hitting song Where Did the Angels Go with the massive chorus. The Connection is a must buy for the hard rock fan so take a listen to the giant leap Papa Roach has made.

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