Release Date: February 8th, 2011
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Motorhead has always been like a festering scab in the world of hard rock, you keep picking at it and it still always seems to shows its ugly face. These English road warriors have been trudging the roads since 1975 and with zero commitment to follow trends and label standards they have succeeded to proudly firmly hold the torch for metal all these years. Un-arguably a staple in this genre, Lemmy and his band of excess driven comrades bring to the table a kind of meat and potatoes blend of metal and groove driven beats always enjoyable and “The World Is Yours” is no let down.

Like acts such as AC/DC, Motorhead keep it simple and to the point never straying from what has made them so historic in the first place. No flashy (what’s hot now) image just hard driving loud rock n roll the way it was meant to be. Tracks like Born To Lose and Devil In My Head traditionally stay in the vein of classic Motorhead while other notable cuts including Rock N Roll Music show the traditional classic influences that still breath deep in the roots of Lemmy. Sure Motorhead never really tries to surprise anyone but if you’re a true Motorhead fan then this is just another notch in the belt in their historic catalog of speed driven classics.

Sure I could sit and dissect this slab of plastic and give my own to sense but hell it’s Motorhead. It’s loud-it’s raw, and it’s in your face.

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