Release Date: June 28th, 2011
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

When I heard Limp Bizkit was going to put out another album I was excited.  What made it even better was, Wes Borland was back and my thoughts started thinking ‘Three Dollar Bill, Y’All’ or even ‘Unquestionable Truth’.

Man was I completely wrong. You can hear the tone of Borland throughout but he gets masked by the usual Fred Durst rap-age. There are a few heavy songs that seem to be heavily influenced by Wes Borland, such as ‘Shark Attack’, ‘Get A Life’ and ‘Why Try’.


‘Shark Attack’ – Very catchy with the thick heavy guitar from Borland. Thumping bass from Sam Rivers. Very tolerable Durst. I like this track.

‘Get A Life’ – Your classic Limp Bizkit track. Every album has this song. Durst calling out everyone he can think of.

‘Why Try’ – Great guitar lead-in, with a smooth bass line. Durst voice has a great harsh tone and in your face attitude feel to it. Great track!

Then you get tracks like, ‘Gold Cobra’ and ‘Douche Bag’,  that pump fake you. They start out with the classic Limp Bizkit mix or heavy guitar and bass, then turn into a rap lyric mess. Then after all that they throw in a melody. Man are you serious, Melodies! Oh man, I’m going to lose it here. Oh yeah by the way, ‘Walking Away’ is the track and that’s what I’m doing with this album.

Bottom line, if you are a fan of the ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water’ then you might dig this album. If you are a fan of ‘Three Dollar Bill, Y’All’ or ‘Unquestionable Truth’, then you might just walk away!

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