Release Date: April 24th, 2012
Reviewed By Nathan Holt

There’s one question you should ask yourself before listening to Deuce’s debut solo album, Nine Lives: Do you get offended easily? The album doesn’t offend by making fun of the listener, but almost everyone could find something offensive in the lyrics of this album.

With that out of the way, the album itself is whatever you make of it. If you just want some music with good beats to listen to, minus thinking too much about the lyrics, then you’ll probably enjoy this album. The first track “Crackin” grabs your attention right away with Deuce screaming ‘Release the Crackin!” Soon you’ll begin to realize that most tracks have a Hollywood Undead feel to them. This resemblance makes sense considering that Deuce used to be a key member of Hollywood Undead. Their likeness is driven home with the second single, “America.” It begins with a heavy rock sound made by Jimmy Yuma’s heavy guitar riffs, and talks about how twisted America is and how other countries seem to blame everything on us.

A few tracks have guest rappers such as Jeffree Star, Travie McCoy, Ronnie Radke, and Truth on tracks like “Till I Drop,” “Freaky Now,” “Nobody Like Me” and “Now You See My Life.” All the tracks have a theme or point they try to make, and tend to grow on you if you give them time. Even if you don’t like listening to a mix of rap and rock.

Like some hip-hop albums, there are a few short skits interlaced with the tracks. However, the album itself is rather short at about 46 minutes. At times, the lyrics seem rather cheesy, raunchy and offensive, but the overall feel of the album can be summed up in the name of one of the tracks: “I Came To Party.”And that is definitely the statement Deuce is trying to make with this album.

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