Release Date: April 10th, 2012
Reviewed By Nathan Holt

The St. Louis rockers Cavo are back with a new album titled Thick as Thieves—their first under the independent label Eleven Seven Music. The front cover of the album is a collage made of pictures of fans with the band members. So before popping in the CD, fans might get the chance to see their face on the front cover. But with Cavo off on tour for a couple years, and going through some rough times, how did their newest album turn out?

From beginning to end, this album can be described as a fast paced roller coaster ride that causes you to hit the repeat button more than once. The first three tracks are fast-paced and are sure to get you into them with their appealing rhythms. The title track “Thick As Thieves” is no different, but it is about how close the band members are to each other and their hope that fans can stand up for themselves because they can’t rely on others to do it for them. The song also proves how together the band is sound wise with its fluidity and overall energy . This point is driven home by how musically polished the whole album is as you continue through it. The roller coaster ride continues with “Give It Away” and “Hold Your Ground” before slowing down a little with “California,” which is about how lead singer Casey Walker lost his father and what he went through during that time.

The next track “Circles” talks about how people are all the same and encourages fans to break free of the monotony and be different. After that their base-driven hit single “Celebrity” picks the pace back up thanks to bassist Brian Smith. Throughout the album drummer Chad La Roy’s crisp drum tracks, guitarist Chris Hobbs intricate shredding and Casey’s superb vocals are intertwined so well. I just couldn’t get over how well the songs flowed together.

Like the last few moments of a roller coaster, the last songs “Never Gonna Hurt,” “War Within,” “Last Day” and “Run” are like getting to the station and riding the roller coaster all over again. Sure they aren’t as in your face as the very first three tracks, but they provide a catchy beat and the urge to listen to the album all over again. The final track “Southern Smile,” is like driving off into the sunset and is a great way to close out the album.

Overall Thick As Thieves has great replay-ability, and like a roller coaster it will leave you screaming for more.

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