Release Date: August 22, 2006
Reviewed by Andy Seabright

The story of Walls of Jericho begins in Detroit in 1998 with the demise of two other local bands Earthmover and Universal Stomp. Eventually the line up was set and with the help of consistent live shows and their 1999 EP A Day and a Thousand Years, they landed a deal at Trustkill Records. Three albums later and four drummers later (obviously suffering the Spinal Tap drummer curse) we are presented with their latest effort With Devils Amongst Us All.

This album far surpasses all previous efforts with sound quality coupled with excellent writing. From front to back you’re attacked with malevolent drum beats, hellacious guitars and bass, and vocals almost unparalleled to anything else out there. Walls of Jericho not just deliver a brutal hardcore album, but they cram it right down your throat. But it’s not just breakdowns and double kicks, Walls of Jericho presents us with a softer, valiant side as heard in “No Saving Me” with vocalist Candice Kucsulain actually singing some parts (and singing them quite well too) instead of just screaming. The only minor detail of this album is that some songs feel a bit repetitive, but that is something that can easily be dismissed.

With Devils Amongst Us All proves to be a ferocious piece not to be reckoned with and kind of makes you proud a band like this spawned from the streets of Detroit.

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