Release Date: November 5, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Time and time again, perseverance and determination lead to great things. The major label debut from Trapt on Warner Bros. Records proves upon that through an evocative set of 11 songs set to wow the masses. After being turned away from quite a few labels, Warner picks up the band and develops what could be another huge success (remember Linkin Park?). If they do become as big as we think they can be, other labels should pay close attention to Warner, because it seems they have a knack for seeing talent and making the best of it. Produced by Garth Richardson (Rage against the Machine), the self titled album is a perfect addition to an overly crowded, but very entertaining nu-metal genre.

A shot of adrenaline kicks up from the very first song “Headstrong”. First impressions show it being powerful, yet somewhat diluted from being truly intense. The main reason we could see this is having the ability to add it to radio. That one certain guitar riff during the song that mimics the lyrics does get very annoying after awhile. “Hollowman” is an amazing song, lyrically and musically, and could certainly be the next single. Then you have “These Walls” which could also be another hit single because of its uniquely crafted harmony consisting of fast acoustics, slow acoustics, thought inspiring lyrics, and loud blood-pumping distortion like “Hollowman” before it. The band’s ability to combine softer melodies inside a heavy outbreak of angst and make it enjoyable to listen to is one of the reasons this album should do very well. The intensity follows through even with much softer and acoustically driven parts, notably from the great job done on the lyrics, and the perfectly laid out drums, bass, and guitar.

There really isn’t anything wrong with the CD at all, it’s awesome. It’s one of the best releases this year. Almost every song hits hard, and hits home. The CD is very marketable, very mainstream driven, perfect for the Papa Roach/Korn type crowd. Trapt has a bright future ahead of them.

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