The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die

Release Date: March 3, 2009
Reviewed by Evelyn Miska

It has been a few years since The Prodigy has raised their collective heads. Although they jumped on the British electronica bandwagon in in the early 1990s and made a name for themselves, one has to wonder how much of a yen for this sort of music still exists in the modern market. While the album has done well on British charts, one has to concede that the British dance scene is rather different than that in America. So, what does Invaders Must Die ultimately offer?

As one might expect, the album is extensive, with relatively long and intense songs. For those that feel most electronica sounds the same, this is not the album for you. Those more experienced with the feel and sound of this genre may appreciate some of the effects and approaches The Prodigy has taken. The album’s title track begins with a pulsating riff that is tough not to like and it goes through a number of forms over the course of the song. Likewise, “Omen” has a strong beat and good feel to it. “Thunder” doesn’t fare quite so well and the reggae-inspired sample throughout becomes a little on the tiring side.

Tracks such as “Colors” and “Take Me To The Hospital” have that combination of a slight darkness and an inherent upbeat quality that is typical of songs by The Prodigy. That darkness is taken a bit further on “Run With The Wolves” which benefits from some infusion of metal and hardcore rock elements. “Worlds On Fire” is a pretty typical dance type track that might sound a little too old-school techno to quite work today. Things are rounded out by “Stand Up,” one of the most interesting tracks on the album with it’s sampled horns and elements of early rock.

As with most electronic music, Invaders Must Die isn’t really the sort of album most people will sit down and just listen to, but the group does know how to put together some tracks that make for fun dancing, and if that’s the final goal, The Prodigy is still doing well.


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