Release Date: June 29, 2010
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

Joe Selby’s opening guitar tone and Kevin Jones bass groove fish hook you right in, and then Andy Brewer vocals grab you like the Jaws of Life. “Whatever Haunts You” is a great album starter, gets your head rocking and you even catch yourself playing the air drums. Their first single “Shake Me” is the closest to classic rock you can get, a great blend of rock with a modern edge. Joe Selby’s guitar is not over powering, but at the same time not lost.

Andy Brewers vocals have a Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes feel to them with a southern scratchy edge to them. What surprised me is how well Kevin Jones’ bass comes through on the album, very loud and grooving. Even though Taddy Porter is your classic south rock blend, they deliver catchy hooks and a great chorus, the very thing that we need right now in music. For some reason this simple setup is what makes this album so great.

From top to bottom Taddy Porter makes you just want more and more, like a drug. One song does stick out of the bunch. “Big Enough” might be the track that seals the deal for this album, with a powerful guitar presence and in your face vocals it wouldn’t surprise me if this is their next single and becomes more popular than “Shake Me”.

“Let’s try love, oh baby do you think you are Big Enough”. Stuck in your head yet?

The small band out of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Taddy Porter will make their mark if they haven’t already. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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