Release Date: January 23, 2007
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

If you haven’t heard, Suffrajett are a fuzzed out blend of intoxicating melodies that may just be the next big thang. This Chicago based rock outfit have managed to put out one hell of a new CD and with a new label (Cobra Music) onboard “Black Glitter” will hopefully get the exposure that it so rightfully deserves helping put an end to the redundant Emo movement.

Suffrajett plain and simply are a straight forward rock band that create catchy riff laden melodies. Tracks like “Down and Out” “Closer” and “Mr. Man” seem to effortlessly lay waste to so much of the watered down radio crap filling the industry these days. Vocalist Simi is a straight out rockstar with out any of the trendy mall-rock induced attributes. Suffrajett have so many hooky pop laden riffs it’s sick. Don’t get me wrong, guitarist Jason Chasko plays with such aggressive attitude that this ain’t no damn pop band, that’s for sure. Fans of such classics as Cheap Trick, The Runaways, The Rolling Stones, My Bloody Valentine and other elite real rock pioneers will be very happy to say the least with “Black Glitter”. As well as the obvious classic infectious rock influences Chasko delves deep into his box of tricks always tweaking distortion pedals and other devices of ear candy delight giving a modern edge twist that works extremely well. One of the hidden gems on “Black Glitter” is the soothing “Anybody Listening” that shows the softer side of Suffrajett but still some how keeps that edgy street credit intact.

Hands down Suffrajett has got to be one of the most promising bands I have heard in a long time. I’m sure if they play their cards right you will be hearing a lot more from these Chicago based rockers very soon, you’ve been warned.

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