Release Date: June 7, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Chicago’s own metal export Soil are back with the strategically titled album “Redefine”. Continuing the hard rock edge that kept them from being tossed into the sea of nu-metal tagged acts of the last few years Soil sound more metal then ever.

The comparisons to such acts as Godsmack, S.T.P. and Sevendust are still very prevalent but not so obvious and overbearing that they become insulting. Tracks like the infectious “Suffering” and “Pride” are sure to please fans already under the influence of Soils brand of power rock. The track “Obsession” even throws in a little piano piece and attempts to explore out side the typical realms of Soils writing style giving them credit for expanding musically. Still falling short of a great record, “Redefine” does keep interest but still has a hard time flowing at times from track to track. Songs like “Remember” and “Something Real” only seem to help bog down the vibe built from the first tracks making “Redefine” by no means a masterpiece in metal. Still easily putting many other acts to shame with its sincerely true metal roots firmly intact Soil do prove they have a little more up their sleeves to offer then many other artists.

If you like hard rock driven grooves and can enjoy the somewhat tiresome at times monotone vocals of Ryan McCombs “Redefine” could easily make a great contribution to your cd collection.

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