Release Date: January 24, 2006
Reviewed by Vincent Cherubino

Several years in the making, “Tunnelvision Brilliance” is an album crafted solely by Reeder through several different stages of his career.

For an ex member of Kyuss, one would expect an album comprised of doom metal and stoner rock.  Surprisingly, the work is far more intricate and varied, ranging from progressive, to 70’s style, to a lighter arena rock.  It’s easy to see a Jerry Cantrell similarity/influence at points as well.

The album sounds quite good, never revealing that it was put together in Reeder’s own studio by himself.

“The Day of Neverending” represents the best tone of the album with a “Queens of the Stone Age” like, 70’s stoner rock melody. “Fuck You All”, a song about friendship, and the consequences of destroying it, sends the best message alongside a trippy electric acoustic backdrop.

The album is best taken in with a session of “herbal supplements” and relaxation.  It’s not the metal monster that it was expected to be, but the work inside is still distinct and enjoyable.  After almost a decade in the making, it should be.

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