Release Date: October 16, 2001
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

Before this cd arrived in the mail i would have never thought of listening to them. never heard of these guys before. i was kinda curious at what they sounded like, to see if i would dig.

My first impression was very good. track one “Death of the Alphabet” has a very catching riff and chorus. sounding like a Sum 41 with a more edgey sound or even Unwritten Law type sound. Not really the pop/punk that im use to hearing on the radio. track 7 “the fall of canaryville” is my favorite song. sounds like a grungey punk rock with a raw sounding vocals with a catchy guitar in the background. Very cool!! The more and more i listen to these guys, the more i want to put it in the car or even into the daily rotation of the cd player.

This might be A BUY if you are into the Unwritten Law or The Ataris. if you dont like pop/punk then stay away.

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