Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder

Release Date: August 31, 2004
Reviewed by Sonya Sutherland

So Coby Dick and his buddies have come out with their sophomore record, “Getting Away With Murder”. What was sorta cool about their last album, Infest, was their heavily ‘borrowed’ Iron Maiden riffs. Dick had that whole I am a frustrated teenager vibe going, which worked alright, despite it being a little overwhelming for their debut. But I suppose the frustrated vibe is what hooked the TRL audience. I was hoping that Infest’s recording sessions and the subsequent tour dates had given Dick enough room to exercise his adolescent woes. I was wrong for the most part, although Getting Away with Murder does have its semi-positive moments (like Dick urging people to live their life in Stop Looking Start Seeing).

Their first single, same name as the album (Getting Away With Murder), really gave the impression that Papa Roach had maybe expanded their sound a little bit while still maintaining their ferociousness that so many of their fans identify with. Well they did expand on their sound, but not in the gritty sense. You have a song like Scars, which has Dick singing about his weakness of caring too much. Despite the depressing lyrics, the melody is pretty uplifting, but nothing spectacular that warrants kudos for a mind blowing display of musicianship.

My main problem with this record is in Rock n Roll there are two ways to go. Either find a cause and fight, a la Rage Against the Machine, or have fun like Bowling for Soup or the Murderdolls. There’s enough starving people in the world, actually in the United States, that no one feels sorry for a rock star who cries a river over the superficialities of fame. Do you want some cheese with that whine?

Overall, the boys of Papa Roach maintained their signature riffs, the alternation of staccato and wah, and their same simple verse refrain verse song structure, which will serves to tie their newer sound to their older material. Coby has gone a little less metal and a little more punk on this new one, getting upbeat and more rhythmic. Unfortunately, the catch hooks are soon made unlistenable by weird chord combinations, too much distortion, and Dick’s droning. If you liked their old record, you’ll probably like this one if you can stand someone complaining about being a rock-star. While Getting Away With Murder isn’t as well produced, as it sounds a little flat, Papa Roach does experiment a little which is always appreciated.


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