Release Date: June 21, 2010
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

In my early days as a young punk I was exposed to Ozzy as one of my very first concert experiences as well as one of my first ever albums I bought on my own. Long story short I have always kinda had a spot for the Prince Of Darkness. When a new Ozzy release hits the shelves I have always felt the need to check it and with a new guitarist at his side curiosity got the best of me.

On this newest incarnation of Ozzy we find him bringing aboard a new hot shot guitar player to replace the infamous Zakk Wylde. You have to give it to Osbourne for always mixing it up every so often with a new addition of members and it took some balls to send Zakk off packing to a whole new chapter of rock fame. Gone are the over played finger vibrato of Wylde and enter a youthful Kostas Karamitroudis aka Gus G. With a fresh low end riffage sound and the technical talents Ozzy has again managed to find a very hungry and talented sounding guitar player making this newest release memorable to say the least. Songs like opening cut LET IT DIE and other including FEARLESS add a whole new dimension to what was becoming a very predictable metal icon of the past. Gus G. has added a very modern yet traditional addition to the Osbourne camp while respectfully never stomping on Zakk’s patent riffing styles.

Time and time again proving the world of rock n roll doesn’t end at 50, Ozzy has some how again adapted to the world of hard rock like a chameleon. SCREAM has all the fist pumping, chores chanting riffs that have always made Ozzy a permanent staple of the metal world so if hard rock metal is your game this is well worth the listen.

Sure I could sit here and dissect this newest release but hell it’s an Ozzy album, just crank it and loose your self in one of hard rocks iconic leaders.

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