Opiate For The Masses – The Spore

Release Date: April 26, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Smoldering from the dry desert heat of Phoenix, Arizona returns Opiate For The Masses. From their first pulverizing track this most recent release “The Spore” will hopefully help push O.F.T.M. further into the ranks of future stardom in this ever redundant world of corporate rock.

With an incredible bag full of catchy hooks and a very well crafted production “The Spore” is an awesome release to say the utter least. Where bands like Tool can become at times a little self indulgent ( I know I’m gonna get shit for that statement) O.F.T.M. keeps the listener happily entertained while still being well capable of rocking out with the best. Layered with a variety of synths and programs “The Spore” gives listeners much more variety, unlike the cookie cutter acts of now being pounded out on a routine basis. Sharing the stages with such heavy hitting acts as Ministry, KMFDM and M. Manson has obviously not hurt a bit as well and if anything probably gave this act a better idea of what it takes to refine your band as a great live act.

Where the new bread of acts stay to a formula O.F.T.M. aren’t scared to explore well out side the modern metal box and do a damn good job. Not to say Opiate are metal, it’s just they have some pretty grinding riffage going on. They can as well drift off into a more alternative area at times and this is what gives them such creditability as great song writers. No better example can be given then the intoxicating sounds of such songs as “Transparency” and “Dig It Up” proving this Arizona export is well gifted in the area of good song writing with out only rocking out the same three down tuned chords.

“The Spore” plan and simply is a damn good record if you are not afraid to venture a little outside the box of what is (so-called) cool.



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