Nonpoint – Miracle

Release Date: May 4, 2010
Reviewed by Evelyn Miska

Nonpoint has developed a rather good name and decent following since the band formed in 1997. However, many people might be a bit surprised to hear that they have already wrapped up recording their sixth studio album, Miracle. The album was originally supposed to be released in March 2010 but was delayed and now will be released on May 4. The album is somewhat surprising since, at first, it seems like almost any other metal album and listeners that don’t give it a chance may write the band off as nothing new. However, there is more than one might expect on Miracle and it is worth giving some extra time.

“Shadow” opens with a good guitar riff and some actual vocal melodies. That’s one of the things listeners may notice right away. Sure, this is still metal, but the band is capable of more than just screaming wildly into the microphone. Lead singer Elias Soriano can definitely pull off that typical enraged metal style, but, as on the chorus of “Shadow” proves that he is able to do more than just that. “Miracle” too, manages to follow a careful balance of heavy guitars and an intense rock feeling while still mixing in some rather catchy choruses.

“Crazy” and “Electricity” are both solid rock tracks with good, driving beats and some catchy aspects. “Frontlines” is a nice change of pace though, with a slower and more mellow approach. Sure, some people might mistake it for a ballad, but there’s still enough grit to it that it doesn’t come off as cheesy. “What I’ve Become” doesn’t succeed quite as well as “Frontlines” and does dip a bit too much into saccharine waters, but with the rest of the album being quite strong, it doesn’t have too much of a negative effect on things.

In general, Miracle is a strong rock album with a number of good, catchy tracks. The production is solid, the balance between vocals and instrumentation. It might not immediately seem like a standout, but there are a number of tracks that will make giving the album a chance well worth it.


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