Release Date: June 25, 2002
Reviewed by John Duchak

Ft. Lauderdale’s native Nonpoint turn out a sophomore album that shows a good deal of development, but fails to outshine their first record, Statement.

The first thing that anyone familiar to Nonpoint’s music will notice is the drastic improvement in singer Elias Soriano’s voice. His voice is incredibly resilient, able to switch from ripping screams to beautiful high notes in virtually an instant. As stunning and enjoyable as Soriano’s voice is, it is only showcased in its stunning form on a few select tracks. Songs like “Circles”, “Mountains”, and “Development” suffer from repetition which can make the record a tedious listen for some. The record especially shines on tracks like “Your Signs”, “Excessive Reaction”, and “Any Advice” which truly show off how much this band has matured in the years since Statement was released.

Overall, Nonpoint has the talent within them to create absolutely amazing music. Unfortunately for Development, the record suffers from repetitive songwriting that exposes the listener to melodies and music that feel all too familiar, like they’ve already been done by this band. Nonpoint did get some flak for what some would say is the “softer” nature of this record. In response, they released their independent Separate Yourself LP to satisfy their fans who were missing their heavier sound. For devoted Nonpoint fans, this record will be incredibly enjoyable. For the casual listener, a few tracks may stand out, but it leaves one craving for more of a sound that was lightly touched upon on this record.

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