Nickelback – The Long Road

Release Date: September 23, 2003
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

With such a saturated industry of media core bands with no end in sight I find myself rediscovering artists such as Nickelback.

One listen and it is pretty easy to figure out that The Long Hard Road by all means is a damn good rock album. Chad Kroeger and the boys have easily out done them selves with their recent release expanding the Nickelback sound to a more heavy edge. Sure all the power ballads are still present but even these are not your average run of the mill radio cuts. Nickelback seem to have a knack for putting together the right ingredients to make hit after hit effortlessly. With the release of The Long Hard Road tracks like “Flat on the Floor” and “Figured You Out” simply further establish the fact that Nickelback can rock. Song after song The Long Hard Road hits the listener with such a well crafted rock album that it makes an easy listen from front to back. As well as the patented sound that Nickelback are known for songs like “Because of You” even adapt a welcomed Pantera influenced tinge showing further that these Canadians can hold their own.

Nickelback have seemed to welcome all the easily obvious Metallica influences of their youth and mixed them with just the right radio friendly signatures to make yet another fine album.


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