Release Date: August 6, 2002
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Swedish heavy weights MESHUGGAH are back and with possibly the best metal release of the year. Hypnotic and entrancing, NOTHING takes underground metal to a whole new realm. The utterly jaw dropping riffs of Marten Hagstrom and Fredrik Thordenthal build such a heavy force to be reckon with. Ozzfest attendies were left in awe buy MESHUGGAHs’ 2002 blistering appearance this sumer stealing the 2nd stage from heavy weights as Down. Songs like Rational Gaze and Glints Collide take you on such a mind bending ride, few bands have ever ever come even close to in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, this album is by far not intended to be a commercial break thru by any means. MESHUGGAH are much more then a new fad and are not for the squeamish. Jens Kidman’s gutter style vocals are incredibly brutal and in your face but at the same time very pronounced unlike many other bands of this nature. NOTHING introduces the listener as well to custom made 8 string guitars hitting some of the lowest most heavy notes imaginable. Don’t at all be fooled thou, this is no hybrid Korn copy cat act by any means, MESHUGGAH are the real deal. Incredibly intoxicating, this album will most likely be over looked by many but with a 8 week U.S. tour opening for TOOL these Swedes will be exposed to a whole new dimension of listeners if they like it or not.

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