Release Date: June 28, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

With his lengthy career of one of heavy metals finest acts Dave Mustaine has proven time and time again that Megadeth are one of the best thrash metal acts in the business. Since his vicious exit from the all mighty Metallica years ago Dave has been pushing the boundaries of metal guitar fret work writing easily some of the catchiest riffs to ever grace the hard edged rock world. Megadeth are still a very solid mainstay in the technical thrash world and with the resurgence of thrash “Back to the Start” is an awesome introduction for the modern metal core fans of today.

Sadly nothing to special here for die hard fans to sink their teeth into but all the same if your missing Megadeth’s past releases this is a great purchase for your collection. All the classic fist pounding, head banging hits are present including such favorites as Sweating Bullets, Peace Sells, Wake Up Dead and many many more. With Dave Mustaine’s new summer festival tour about to get into full swing I guess Capitol records will see need to cash in as much as possible with this release. All the same, “Back To The Start” is chocked full of real metal for kiddies to broaden their little mall shopping minds.

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