Lollipop Lust Kill – My So Called Knife

Release Date: June 4, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

“On their brutal new album My So Called Knife, aggro sextet Lollipop Lust Kill takes a wild ride on the dark side, combining pummeling modern guitars with moments of eerie tranquility. Front man Evvy Pedder alternates between Goth-like intonations and Pantera-like bellowing, and their lurid lyrics paint portraits of murder and mayhem.”

The nationwide debut album for LLK is definitely one to pick up for all the metal fans out there. Great riffs, great breakdowns, and great low growl lyrical tone, the album is an overall head-banging delight. Breakdowns come in different variations, from soft light acoustic work, to catchy hard driven melodies. LLK does a good job covering “Personal Jesus” in their own style, it’s a welcome addition to other successful tracks on the album such as “Kill Greedy”, “Sad Excuse For A Grip”, “Everything I”, “Father”, “Bury You”, “Black All Over” and “Like A Disease”. The whole album goes shot for shot with you and comes out standing in the end. Artemis has added another solid metal band to their lineup.

One of the only gripes I had with the CD is that the crunch in the guitars needed to be a little more pronounced and heavier. Other then that I believe you deserve to treat yourself to this album which comes out June 4th.


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