Release Date: March 25, 2003
Reviewed by Sonya Sutherland

Linkin Park always sells millions of records. I suppose that they have a “original sound” if you consider them in their context of top 40. This newer record, Meteora, sounds like a continuation of Hybrid Theory, which was not necessarily a horrible record just overplayed. The overall sound quality on Meteora is great, the hip-hop-rock mix is extremely listenable and catchy, and the two-singer thing still works to give a good vocal variation.

The best songs on the album are Breaking the Habit (which also has a pretty hot video), Faint (which has an awesome opening hook), and Nobody’s Listening. As per Linkin Park tradition, each song is a sample and guitar heavy pop treasure of emotional strife. People try to cry ‘oh those Linkin Park guys suck’, but clearly they don’t. The vocals have a great range and are emotion-filled, the instruments are equally as good, and the samples are mixed in appropriately and flawlessly. In addition, Linkin Park has a great production team; a little over-produced, but what do you expect considering their target audience.

The guys have made a record that potential every song on it could make a hit single- then again so did the New Kids on the Block. My problem with Meteora is that Linkin Park doesn’t seem to have made an attempt to grow as song writers. It’s the same thing as Hybrid Theory with a tad more instrumental depth. If you like Hybrid Theory than Meteora is for you. If your looking for expansion and growth, don’t hold your breath.

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