Release Date: March 8, 2005
Reviewed by Sonya Sutherland

So, I am not a fan of boredom. Understand this- it is very challenging to review cds that all sound the same with out making my review sound the same. I always have my thesaurus handy. I like to vary the same three words that best describe the doses of radio rock that I am privileged to evaluate (Not that the bands ever return the favor, and make the effort to save me from the same three chords over and over again).

Since a lot of what the music industry churns out is crap, I didn’t have great hope for this new record from Kasabian. I assumed it was some more garbled heavy rock, mainly because Kasabian is the name of one of Charles Manson’s infamous victims and Marilyn Manson made industrial rock oh so fashionable.

You know what they say though, to assume is making an ass out of you and me. I was certainly wrong about Kasabian. The self titled debut is a retro-rock record, certainly free from distortion pedals. In fact, the boys from Kasabian do a pretty good job with their effects, having made some sort of retro-rock meets synth-pop. Brit pop at that. Think Primal Scream.

Kasabian hasn’t necessary done anything new, but thank god they aren’t another straight retro throw back like Jet. They have enough dance-fusion going on to keep the beats varied and you entertained. While the beats are smashing, the vocals do get a little too whiney in some spots. For example, the track L.S.F does have an upbeat tempo which is neat and makes you want to tap your feet, but the Bono-esque U2 vocals vibe makes me almost want to turn it off. Such an emotional crisis! But songs like Ovary Stripe, which omit that annoying whine and add some neat piano, as well as Test Transmission, which boasts a better singing style, make up for the borderline vocal travesty.

Overall this album provides a good break from America’s sound, which unfortunately has Three Doors Down topping the charts. Check these guys out, even if it is only to give yourself some variety, its well worth it.

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