Release Date: March 30, 2006
Reviewed by Andy Seabright

Michigan’s very own Jettared return to bring you their newest effort to indulge your ears with. The follow up to 2004’s self-titled release, The Forever Collection showcases 5 new songs, which captivate the listener with infectious guitar hooks, and a smooth, yet ferocious blend of drums and bass. Topped off with curious as well as aggressive vocals.

In a music scene where breakdowns and consistent blast beats seem almost mandatory, Jettared seemingly breathes life into was some might consider a dying sound. The guitar riffs relentlessly blast through your speakers making one almost yearn for those days when Finch and Glassjaw were on the top of their playlists. The abrupt transition from delicate melody to belligerent roar from their vocalist is quite impressive as well.

Song’s like “How It Ends” and “Strange Love” are very captivating and may end up stuck in your head for days. It almost makes one wonder why these guys haven’t received the much attention they well deserve. The Forever Collection is something definitely worth picking up or to the least checking out. Expect to see big things from Jettared in the future, definitely a band to keep your ears glued to.

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