Release Date: March 30, 2006
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

What seems to have obviously become a redundant metal scene may now have a new savior, IVAN. This Grand Rapids Michigan export isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill metal act by any means and thank god for that.

Blending an incredible concoction of styles like a musical processor IVAN is dead set on making a difference in our over saturated metal scene by simply having no pre-set boundaries. Easier said then done but somehow this group of newbie’s has accomplished just that; making something new and fresh is an understatement. Sure you may hear some obvious influences but you will also lay witness to a group of talented musicians that has no concerns about following trends set by the newest upsurges of youth angst. Mixing such eclectic influences as Latin guitar progressions with other such diverse ingredients as Jazz and Metal as their obvious back bone IVAN are such a fresh sound that may be a hard swallow at first.

If you’re a fan of blistering double leads, bombastic blasts of artistic musical fury and honest from the heart sincerity then IVAN are well worth your time. Help spread The Poverty, you won’t be sorry!

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