Release Date: June 25, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

If you’re a fan of punk popish acts such as Blink 182, the new Home Grown CD has just what you need to satisfy your musical tastes. Everything is simplistic, from the lyrics to the guitars, offering very little to distinguish the band from any other punk band out there. While some people can get a kick out of the simplicity of the music, others can get really turned off by it. Aside from the power chords are a few acoustic moments that add some flavor.

Everything sounds so similar to what Blink 182 plays, while at the same time never quite reaching the perfection Bad Religion have over the punk genre. There’s nothing wrong with the music, it’s just been done so many times before that it leaves people apathetic to who the bands really are. Then again, songs like “I Love You Not” and “tomorrow” save the CD from being completely similar to every other punk album out there. There is plenty to enjoy, but nothing that really stands out. As a fan of heavier music, I couldn’t stop comparing this album to every crap pop punk act I’ve ever heard. The aggression is there, the originality isn’t.

This CD is a great addition to any punk lover’s collection, but it isn’t for everyone. The best way to find out is to hear a few songs and let yourself decide if it’s worth a buy or not. Even though the music Home Grown plays sounds more commercial then the band name suggests, it still packs enough catchy rhythms and aggressive punk style to carry an audience.

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