Release Date: February 19, 2002
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

Wow, what a powerful, intense and in your face music, then they can bust into a 311 style of a rap/rock. Very weird combination indeed. I definately like the in your face hardcore tone and lyrics. That I would compare to Boy Sets Fire in your face-ish, but these guys aren’t to that level yet.

“All of the Above”, which is the first track, you can tell how the rest of the album is going to be. Seems like all the tracks are the same in the way they go or flow. Start out with the 311ish rap/rock then go into the hardcore in your face style of yelling. Not a bad thing, but gets boring fast.

The overdoneness of the 311ish rap/rock gets old through the album, but on the other hand i dig the hardcore yelling and harsh riffs that these guys throw at you, but these still can’t keep my attention enough. Yet another band that doesnt really find their own style of music, but instead goes with the flow of everything else.

This will be a USED BIN BUY only. Unless you luv 311ish rap/rock rip off mixed with a medium style hardcore yell.

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