Godhead – Evolver

Release Date: July 15, 2003
Reviewed by Sonya Sutherland

Most people forget but Godhead made a name for themselves as a rock band long before Marilyn Manson signed them to his now defunct Posthuman label. Where as Godhead’s last album, while enjoyable, got lost in an industrial overkill, this time around on Evolver the boys return with a refreshed approach.

Godhead has always been a little bit goth, a little bit industrial, but Evolver takes the best of both influences and adds a little organic rock to the mix. Not to say Godhead has jumped on the rock bandwagon, but this album is definitely guitar based. From track one, Evolver is obviously more dependent on complicated guitar riffs than processed drum loops and samples, which is a great thing. The expansive guitar melodies and the slower pace is what specifically works on this album. You have the crunchy guitar single Giveaway (feat. Wayne Static of Static- X) to jam to, Dream to chill out and feel hopeful to, and of course the token depressed song to mope to – Ghost of your Memory.

On Evolver, Godhead seems to have successfully taken a little bit of sonic influence from David Bowie, some more morose bits from The Cure, and the symphonic composing skills of Pink Floyd into the studio with them when they created this rock record. And to top off their musical accomplishment, Jason Miller’s operatic voice blends perfectly and is a nice change from the usual cookie monster vocals that accompany metal records. Evolver succeeds because Godhead has written 12 entirely different tracks that work together to do something rare in this current age of hit singles- provide an album listening experience.



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