Release Date: September 14, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Pack the bongs and break out the chronic, one of the masters of smoked induced rock return with more then one potent hit of excellence.

With “Start The Machine” we find So. Cal. fuzz masters beefing up their already tough sound stylishly and stepping into a whole new realm of heaviness.

Raw and furious Fu Manchu have always been known for their throw-back super muff distortion influences but this time around they are just a little more in your face. As well “Start The Machine” features more of a straight forward pissed off vibe that seems to fit perfectly with the almost muddy yet psychedelic edge always put forth by one of stoner rocks elite. Any fan of such classic rock acts as Blue Cheer, MC5, KYUSS and sludge masters such as Mudhoney will be pleasantly happy with FU MANCHU and their brand of intoxicating low-fi rock. Daring to delve deep into traditional rock Fu Manchu have all but mastered the overdrive fueled rock recently made hip by such trendy acts as Jet and Silvertide. Where these bands have a more radio friendly edge Fu Manchu take the patent 3 chord rock and muscle them into a much more hard driving blast from the past.

Not only is their some damn heavy shit going down on “Start The Machine” but with this most recent release we find Fu Manchu beefing up their song writing abilities as well which is always a very warm welcome. Still staying very true to their traditionally heavy selves this album just seems a little more mature but with out loosing focus on who they are. Don’t worry fans all the thick driving guitars you have come to love are still very much intact but added are much more stronger songs then in the past that just plain kick ass. Catch Fu Manchu on tour with Clutch starting Nov 26th in our own Detroit.

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