Fu Manchu – California Crossing

Release Date: February 5, 2002
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

Fu Manchu are the gods of ‘Stoner Rock’. This 4-piece rocking machine hits you right in the face again with what I call “fuzz rock from the 70’s”. Heavy guitar riffs that would make Ozzy turn his head, just pure awesome.

With their 6th release “California Crossing” has impressed me again. Every release seems to get better and better. I thought they couldn’t out due “King of the Road”, but guess what, THEY HAVE. “California Crossing” shows some maturing in the band and great diversity and still keeps the Fu sound. Less of the fuzz comes out on this album, but the riffs are still there and with the laid back vocals of Scott Hill makes a total package and a great album. From start to finish it keeps you hooked to the melodies and just great song writing.

The title track “California Crossing” combines the great drumming of Brant Bjork and the ripping riffs of Scott Hill and Bob Balch. Just the overall sound of this puts Fu Manchu in a whole different category than any band thats out. JUST GODLY.

I just cant stop talking about how good this album is. One of few 5/5’s I give, but this is a MUST BUY.



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