Release Date: November 26, 2002
Reviewed by Scott Olivenbaum

The music fans that watched VH1’s Bands On The Run series already know that Flickerstick puts on an outstanding concert. It was performing live that kept the alcohol-infused rock band on the reality show week after week.

Once the cameras were gone the Dallas band released their major label debut, Welcoming Home The Astronauts. After getting marginal national success, the band has decided to cash in further on their skills to entertain in concert with a live album, Causing A Catastrophe – Live.

While the band has just the one full-length album, they manage to mix up the set list. They include a Mazzy Star cover, “Fade Into You”, and a new track, “Believe”, in with favorites from Welcoming Home The Astronauts. Flickerstick pulls off solid renditions of “Smile”, “Chloroform The One You Love” and “Beautiful” – the songs that the people paid to see.

The sound quality is good; Fletcher Lea’s bass comes across clearly alongside the guitars of Cory Kreig and Rex James Ewing. Lead singer Brandin Lea, Fletcher’s brother, is heard crystal clearly, even if his voice sounds a tad higher than in the previous recording. Brandin pulls off his part of frontman well, interacting with the crowd between songs. The fans were into it, even singing along when prompted to as in “Sorry Wrong Trajectory” and on their own during “Coke”.After the latter they even chanted the band’s name.

After the lukewarm reception that their debut received, it is good that Flickerstick recognized their live show being the key to their success. Causing A Catastrophe – Live does a pretty good job of capturing the live essence and should get a few more people down to the clubs to see it for themselves.

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