Endo – Songs For The Restless

Release Date: July 22, 2003
Reviewed by Scott Olivenbaum

In the track “Leave Us Alone” off of Endo’s debut release Evolve, lead singer Gil Bitton wrote “f— what you say, we do what we feel”. Bitton and company have heeded those words and followed their emotions to a new sound on their new release Songs For The Restless.

Gone is the rap-influenced nu metal and in its place the Miami quartet embraced melodic post-grunge rock. Bitton has seemingly discovered that his voice has more power actually singing rather than screaming and rapping while the rest of the band has grown tighter and found a groove. Joe Eshkenazi has stopped senselessly pounding away at his kit and proved to be quite the skinsman as he provides the backbone behind Bitton’s vocals. His fills often punctuate Bitton’s emotions while guitarist Eli Parker and bassist Zelick (that’s his whole name) add the rhythm.

Songs For The Restless’s lead single, “Simple Lies”, is a decidedly low key retrospective of Bitton’s relationship (which seems to be the main theme for the album). It holds to the simple formula of light mourning verses punctuated by choruses filled with amped up riffs and harmonic vocals.

The next track on the release, “For You” is a moving track filled with Bitton’s remorse and reflection that could easily find mainstream success. Other songs like “Circles” – a moving ballad – actually see Bitton as an optimist – rather than truly following groups like Staind into self loathing and depression. On “Remember Us”, Bitton sings “Do you remember us?

Remember us!” With Songs For The Restless Endo prove to be memorable for being a band with range and potential rather than just another nu metal band.



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