Release Date: April 6, 2004
Reviewed by Sonya Sutherland

If you are okay with nu-metal, than you should be okay with Edgewater. They are a pretty formalistic band- heavier riffs light happy refrain. That’s okay though, a lot of music is formalistic and at least these guys make the effort to vary their riffs. They blend a little bit of the new pop punk vibe with the early 2000 heavy rock vibe but its not anything new- in fact its kind of bland.

It is a challenge to write a review of an album that doesn’t stand apart from its peers and I find myself just making the same comments over and over again. So here is how this album breaks down. The singer, Matt Moseman, has a strong voice with a good range but he doesn’t take advantage of it. He doesn’t sing with much emotion and that could be because this album is over-produced and Moseman’s intensity is mixed out. He is capable, you can hear a hint of it on the track Tres Quatros, but it doesn’t cross over into the rest of the record. Then you get two guitarists who have harmony and their riffs aren’t as common sounding as most rock albums coming out but still nothing amazing. They play well, but they should since they are professionals. Then you got bass and drums. It is often said that the bass and drums are the backbone of the band. They are pretty solid as far as keeping rhythm but it’s no Iron Maiden.

Overall this record is pretty much run of the mill. Check out Tres Quatros, Inhale, and Neglected because those are the best on the record. Edgewater has talent and maybe with their next album they will create something that defines them rather than camouflaging them in the nu-metal landscape.

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