Release Date: May 7, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Letting Go is one of those CD’s that are pretty good, yet you know deep down that it could have been much better. It’s not a bad CD, it’s just that right off the bat, songs like “Headstrong”, “Misery”, and “Get Away” make you believe that you have a great CD in your hands, which isn’t true. Earshot has a good hard rock tone, and even has a TOOL like sound on some songs. Make no mistake though, these guys are no tool.

Earshot suffers from the “generic rock” syndrome, which means that it makes it very radio friendly, yet it becomes drowned out by the tons of other bands that fall into the same category. “Nickelback, 12 Stones, Breaking Point, Creed,”….etc. After the first three songs, there is nothing else to keep your interest. The album becomes quite boring and doesn’t satisfy like it should. There is nothing that makes them stand out above all the rest of the rock bands out there.

I’ve asked a few people what they’ve thought of the CD and they all agreed, it just isn’t a great CD. If you’re tired of Nickelback and looking for something with the same type of sound, listen to one of the three songs mentioned above. If you really like those songs, then by all means buy the CD, otherwise look for something else.

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