Dry Cell – Disconnected

Release Date: August 27, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Dry Cell is a blatant attempt to sound like Linkin Park. That’s the easiest way to describe them, Linkin Park without the rapping. The most unique aspect of Dry Cell is the age of its members, consisting mostly of teenagers under 17. The music that pumps out from these guys is quite good considering their age. The singer has a very well toned voice which is distinctly similar to Chester of LP when he screams. Song lyrics are written suitably, giving Linkin Park fans something to consider while waiting for their next album. Guitars are standard nu metal fare, nothing groundbreaking, sometimes flowing and kind of boring at other times. The top songs were “Last Time”, “Sorry”, “Slip Away”, and “Body Crumbles”. These songs show the best that these guys have to offer through catchy lyrics and choruses. As a band just debuting and with lots of time to mature and gain experience, they have plenty of potential of becoming one of the bigger acts.

Seeing how nu metal is becoming somewhat hated and somewhat embraced, it can only be recommended to people who enjoy the genre. Fans of more hardcore and fast metal work should consider giving a listen, and then moving on if it can’t be tolerated. There are no blazing fast solos or true mosh pit material here, it doesn’t seem like it was meant to be anything hardcore anyway. Those of you who have seen TRUSTcompany on MTV should definitely give these guys a listen, it’s almost the exact same material. Who knows, maybe these guys will hit MTV someday as well.



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