Release Date: September 25, 2007
Reviewed by Mirak Habbiyyieh

Down are back on the scene with their third release Over The Under. Personal tragedy and frustration bring Down together for this laid back jamming album. Over The Under is full of old school rock and metal vibes, from Black Sabbath to Thin Lizzy to Lynyrd Skynyrd, it is all there. The recording of this album is also reminiscent of the days of recording to tape. Over The Under sounds very raw, like the band just set up their gear and started recording, with no extra fancy studio tricks.

Chunky southern riffs mixed with sludge are a staple of Down’s sound, going along with Phil’s strong vocal styling and a surprisingly sweet bass sound that compliments each song. Down have come back from a long break to show us they aren’t going anywhere and even a hurricane can’t keep these guys from jamming. Over The Under is not their best album, but it is not a terrible album either. Over The Under just seems to lack the fire that Nola seemed to come from.

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