Release Date: March 22, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Sit your ass back and pour yourself a huge shot of whiskey and enjoy the newest release from Detroit’s best kept little secret Dirty Americans. Not new to the music game Dirty Americans are by no means strangers to the industry it’s just that they have just seem to always fly just below the radar in America. With “Strange Generation” this motor city export brings back all that was good about 70’s classic rock with out sounding so damn retro and that may just firm them a position into the bins of mall buying America if they play their cards right.

Cuts like the opener “No Rest” and “Strange Generation” easily bring that feel good vibe to the mix that at times are soooo reminiscent of such classic acts as Cheap Trick and other power pop rock acts of the past. Easily songs like “Car Crash” sound intoxicatingly like a weed induced Lenny Kravitz with out all the rock star bullshit MTV is so infested with.

One thing that is easily for sure is that guitars are a strong force in making the Dirty Americans a notch above the rest of the retro sounding artists of today. There are so many killer riffs thru out “Strange Generation” it’s hard to believe that theses Motor City natives have not already made a larger impact on the music scene with acts such as Jet and Silvertide riding the wave of radio friendly acceptance. Songs like the ominous “Dead Man” show easily that Dirty Americans are serious song writers as well mixing all kinds of grooves proving them more then just a 70’s retro rip off with a biker image. Having so much more depth musically then most sounding bands of this rock genera Dirty Americans hold the flame with brooding song structures and such a textured low-fi sound that seems to flow with ease making “Strange Generation” a virtual diamond in the rough.

With opening slots under their belts for such a variety of artists ranging from The Darkness, MC5, to Green Day and Metallica this Detroit export seem to have only begun to breath new life into the representation of Detroit and what it has to offer musically.

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